How to Know If You Need a Mindset Coach

A mindset coach has a specific role to play in your success. If you’ve been feeling stuck for a while, can’t seem to get mental clarity, feel that you can never seem to get ahead, or that something’s blocking you from reaching every goal, a mindset coach may be the perfect solution for what you need right now. 

In this article, we’ll tell you all about mindset coaches and why they can change people’s lives. But first, you may be asking, “when is it a good time to get a mindset coach?” 

Mindset Coaching covers everything you’re thinking on a conscious (logical) and unconscious level. That means we consider all of your self-talk, be it positive or negative, all of your deductive reasoning or logical thoughts, and the difference between them. You’ve probably noticed that when you try to move forward towards a goal, your inner voice has something to say about it. If you’re like most people, you find yourself spending valuable energy on controlling your mind while you move forward until the amount of energy that is going out is so great that it causes you to stall. This is where overwhelm, stress and distress can build. If you’re noticing a difference between what you are thinking, feeling and what you can achieve, a mindset coach will be a valuable asset to have. 

When does Mindset coaching work best? 

  • Mindset coaching works well when you are open and committed to making positive, permanent changes in your life. Many coaches may tell you that you need to “want to change.”  Although we believe this to be true, we know that there are times that you may know what you want to do but find yourself shying away from dealing with it. The reason this happens is you have an internal thought or series of thoughts we call a program which is designed to protect you from the discomfort of changing this mental process. If this is happening to you, our first step will be to build up an understanding of what your internal thought process is, and then strategically work on them in a safe and trusting environment. That way you won’t have to endure the stresses that can come from some other abrasive techniques. 
  • It works best, or even in spite, of you having it all figured out. Most people search the internet to see if they can find out what’s causing their challenges. From a mindset perspective, we would like you to know that there is usually a particularly good reason that you are struggling, although you don’t understand why. You don’t need a diagnosis or syndrome to confirm your struggle. However, there will be added information that we will explain that will help you become more aware of how your mind works and what you can do to keep it working well after we help you accept a new internal thought process.
  • It works best if you’re ready to learn new mindset hacks. As we work together, we’ll be training you with powerful thinking skills and tools that most people are unaware of. We’ll explain when and how you can use them on your own and for certain ones, when to get your mindset coach involved.
  • It works best if you have processed enough of your past and are ready to move on. Mindset coaching focuses on getting your thinking aligned to create success now and in the future. That means, we’re future focused. Occasionally, we may need to deal with some unresolved emotion in the past, which we’ll help you do so you can move forward. 
  • If you happen to be working with a therapist, Mindset Coaching works best to help you make the progress you’ve been working on with real actions in your life. Many of our clients have had therapy in the past and are ready for the next step. Some work with both professionals at the same time to move forward faster. 
  • Mindset coaching will work if you’re feeling like you’ve lost your momentum. You might even feel down and don’t know how to pull yourself out of this funk. Although this feeling is different than clinical depression it can be worrisome. A mindset coach will help you with the skills you need to change this mental state to one that is more productive.
  • A mindset coach can help if you’re feeling like you are riddled with self-doubt. Self-doubt is hard on your ego or internal understanding of yourself, so it’s best to get this cleared out of your mind. Most self-doubt comes from unconscious thinking that you’ve had for most of your life. We’ll be able to help you understand which one of the 3 types of self-doubt you have and then help you change your thinking to prevent negative thoughts from hijacking your mind. That way you will have calmer inner thoughts and great confidence.
  • If you’re struggling with procrastination. There are several reasons that procrastination occurs and almost all have nothing to do with the social stigma of being a slacker avoiding work or making decisions. That means there is a good reason that you’re showing these symptoms. We’ll help you understand the thinking pattern that’s stopping you from getting things done and then get you to try out your new one. 

Although most people will benefit from a mindset coach when they are ready to make changes, occasionally top achievers, executives, and leaders use a mindset coach to keep them in peak performance every day as a type of maintenance. Regardless of what brings you to work with a mindset coach, you’ll notice several benefits after working with one for a while as you move towards your goals. 


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