What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Performance Coaching?

If you are new to the world of coaching, you will have many questions. You may wonder about the different names of coaching styles and what they do. After a bit of research, it is easy to become confused. There seems to be no reasoning for the different types of coaching. So, let me help explain a few of the different types of coaching. 

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a style that covers a broad range of issues and challenges. Some of these affect your professional or business life. The essence of coaching is around helping the person have a better life. This helps them with their clarity of mind and fulfillment. Life coaches work on issues such as:

• Life purpose and deriving meaning in what we do

• Alignment of personal values to help with feeling integrity

• Verbal talking, connection, and relationship improvements. Coaches who specialize in this area are experts in Relationship Coaching.

• Self-image, self-worth, and self-concept clarity

• Personal health and wellness

• Personal posture leadership

• Limiting negative thinking. Specialists in this area have extra training and are known as 

Mindset Coaches

• Feelings of being unable to move forward or overwhelmed.

  • A life coach works with your personal stuff. This includes anything that holds you back from having a rewarding and fulfilling life. 

Life coaching improves business results

Early in my career, I was working with a coaching business. We helped business owners and salespeople grow their businesses. I specialized in helping people with these sorts of life coaching issues. I discovered that the people I coached had solid business growth even though I only coached their personal lives. That means that the better someone does personally, the better their professional life will do. 

Performance Coaching

If you do a web search on “performance coaching” you’ll notice some results sound different from others. Some are about helping you do better at business or sales. Others seem about the negative correction of an employee. One sounds remedial or negative whereas the other sounds fulfilling and positive. This happens because the business world wanted a positive spin on employee corrective measures. They thought it was better to call it performance coaching to get rid of the negative connotations. This brain fake didn’t work but the title stuck. So this type of coaching isn’t coaching at all. It’s more a manager watching over you to get you to do more work or improve your attitude and behavior. The exception is when an outside coach is hired to assist a team member. This coach will have a more holistic and positive approach which is likely to accomplish the shift needed.

High-performance coaching

It is better to call coaching that focuses on personal performance for business growth as high-performance coaching. With the help, they’ll learn about themselves, how they perform, and what unique things they need to consider. This definition implies a style of coaching that is positive and hyper-focused. People can expect to find a unique combination for performing their best. 

The structure of life coaching and high-performance coaching is similar. High-performance coaching takes life coaching to the next level. Some things you would notice are:

• more focus on mindset and vision, 

• regular review to help you discover your unique way of implementing a task, 

• advanced coaching skills and tools to get back moving forward. 

A high-performance coach will be able to quickly assess your history, present struggles, and how you work best. All high-performance coaches look at your past successes or times that you fell short, they want to see what happened and how likely it’s happening in your life again. They may have areas they focus their business on and have developed skills to work with the most common situations they encounter. They understand how to listen to identify thinking patterns that are holding them back. In short, high-performance coaches are the industry-leading experts in their field. 

By focusing on optimizing your mind and body to perform your best, you can expect a feeling of calmness and being in a powerful productive zone each day. This is why a high-performance coach has the extra training to locate the areas that are slowing you down and then strategically get you what you need to make progress. Some of them have also developed the processes and framework that other coaches to be effective. High-performance coaches are the top-end experts of the life coaching industry, and they have the results to prove it.

How to know which type of coach to hire

As in all industries, the logic is to hire the best coach for your current step that you can afford. That means you need to know where you are at in your personal growth. Possibly, you needed to explore your next big step. A life coach will be a great help. If you are unable to move forward, and it’s hard, then a specialist is a great choice. They’ll get the job done quickly and the overall investment will be less. Now, just a note about the costs of these coaches. A few things to consider are:

• Rates can vary by area or country

• Life coaches are the most affordable. Followed by performance coaches, high-performance coaches, and then leadership coaches or experts.

• Experience and training will help to pick the right coach. Pick a coach with the expertise to work with what you’re planning to focus on.

• Low costing coaching is not a bargain! Fortunately, in the world of coaching your get what you pay for.

• Keep away from online marketers with a program to offer you. Online marketers are using the title of the coach but have no coach training. They use a program of steps to help you move along, but it’s not specific to you and can be problematic.

How to perform your best

It’s important to focus on optimizing your mind and body to perform your best. You can expect to feel calm, powerful, and productive each day. Therefore, a high-performance coach has the training to find areas that are slowing you down. Then, they strategically get you what you need to make progress. Some of them have developed processes and frameworks in their area of expertise. Some even train other coaches to be effective. High-performance coaches are the top-end experts of the life coaching industry, and they have the results to prove it!


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