I bet you’re wondering, what is Rich Grof Performance Coaching? And what do they know about producing these powerful changes in my business?

My name is Rich Grof, and my story is simple. I’ve spent the past 40 years of my career in a variety of sales, management or leadership positions. I started Rich Grof Performance Coaching to help business professionals develop the skills and abilities they need to help them achieve the success they have always dreamed of.

I ask questions like: “How can I get to the next level quickly, easily and more consistently?”

Basically, I’ve built my success by helping business and sales professionals like you become successful. In fact, on average after the first year in our program, a new salesperson or businessperson can expect significant profit increases. They talk of increased energy and productivity while actually reducing the number of hours worked.

I’ve committed myself to a simple philosophy…

Make Success Simple, Easy and Attainable

Our exciting mission is to help clients make more money in less time while they enjoy the peace of mind of running their business efficiently. Basically, we build our success by helping people like you become successful.

If you are committed to moving your business forward and you want to reach your maximum potential, you will want to investigate what we have to offer.  Talk to one of our Business Strategists, ask questions, save time and get the information you need.

Rich Grof

For those wanting more out of their business career and personal life, Rich Grof is one of premier business coaching companies.

Rich Grof is a “Transformational Catalyst”; educated as a Certified and Professional Performance Sales Coach who has worked with hundreds of business leaders and sales professionals. His ability to break down barriers to success in a simple and easily implemented format has launched many of his clients to the next level of achievement. By identifying and focusing on Key Performance Triggers, Rich has made the difficult task of growth seem simple and obtainable in both individual and group settings.

Phalan Grof

Phalan empowers small business owners to be better leaders within their organization so that together they can produce crazy results.

Her clients rave about her ability to uncover the “big picture”, intuitively know when to push further, and are drawn to her authentic, no B.S. approach to business growth & sales. Ultimately, she believes in people-powered business growth & using the talented people you’ve hired to drive your business forward. 

Through working with her, Phalan’s clients have experienced double-digit growth consistently, year after year

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