6 Steps to make your New Year’s Resolutions happen this year!

New Year Resolutions, again! 

Cheers to the New Year! The first day of the New Year has arrived, and what a wonderful year it is going to be. We are still hearing the reverberation of those well-known words in our heads. When the new year begins, the afterglow of this cheerful and wonderful celebration makes all of the goals that we keep dear to our hearts appear to be so much more genuine. Dreams that are precious to us, dreams for better things to come, and aspirations for a higher quality of life arise in our minds, and many of these goals make themselves manifest in the shape of our well-known statement that is known as “The New Year’s Resolution.” A resolution to do something that hasn’t been a significant priority for us up to this point in our life; you read that correctly. They typically take the form of a determination on our part to rid ourselves of a self-perceived flaw in character, such as “I’m going to stop smoking, I’m going to lose 20 pounds, and I’m going to quit drinking!” This is our rallying cry, and we yell it out to everyone on that fateful night, only to wake up the next morning and find out that the harsh reality was staring us in the face the entire time.

Transform your life… starting right now!

You have to realize that it is much simpler to make the pledge when you are in the company of your friends. Nevertheless, when the time comes to confront the battle, you are left all by yourself and unprepared to persevere through the struggle. The temptation to engage in the problematic activity once again is great and significantly exceeds our capacity to deal with it. The question now is how we can prevail over this formidable adversary. What if we knew that when we set a goal, it was going to be accomplished, and that there was nothing that could stand in our way? Imagine how uplifting and liberating that would be! To begin the new year on the right foot, there will be no more failure, only success. The truth is that you have the ability to make this a reality for yourself if you put in the effort to achieve your objective. Let’s go through them and make this year one that is filled with achievements that boost our sense of self-worth!

Changing your behavior using six constructive coaching steps

1. Prepare in advance

All successful people plan. When I took my two youngest sons to see “The Incredibles,” one of the encouraging comments that our superhero received was “Life favours the prepared.” Since then, I’ve been meaning to put those words into practice. It is important to keep in mind that even superheroes need to plan in advance. Make a plan that will include all of the stages outlined here and put them in a binder so that you can refer to it frequently and keep track of your progress. Make as many adjustments to the strategy as you see fit to keep it current. You will run into new situations and acquire fresh information as you move forward, and when this happens, you will need to revise your original plan.

2. Seek the assistance of a qualified professional.

Seek assistance from a professional, such as a specialty program, someone skilled in the area of your life in which you wish to make changes, or a coach. These experts in transitional change are extremely important and will help decrease the tension associated with the problem you face. They are familiar with the processes that you will need to go through in order to make it through the difficult times, and they have specialized abilities that will make the transitions simpler and more manageable to go through.

3. Assemble a group of supporters.

In times of temptation and struggle, it can be helpful to enlist the support of close family members and friends who can help encourage and boost you up. The vast majority of individuals will not have access to a support system, and even those who do will contact it far too late. It is essential to have supporters at your side in order for you to make progress. At precisely the moment when you are contemplating giving up, a cheerleader will approach you and provide some words of encouragement. The most rewarding aspect of building up this team is that when you do finally succeed in achieving your objective, you will have someone to share your joy with. Help is needed by each of us! Nobody does it all by themselves!

4. Put your money where your mouth is.

Commitment is what turns dreams into realities. 

This is the process of making a commitment: 

You search in order to find what it is that you want.

You can make a commitment to anything, including a person, a job, a way of life, losing ten pounds, or choosing how to spend a weekend. Commitments can be made in any situation. What it is that you choose to commit to is of little significance. What really matters is the relationship you build with yourself by devoting yourself to achieving the goals you set for yourself. It’s the sensation of being able to rely on yourself to carry out the commitments you make to others and achieve the outcomes you seek.

You decide on what you want.

What you want is determined by your choice, and your dedication turns that choice into a reality. It conveys the message that the aforementioned event is going to take place, and that I will be the one responsible for bringing it about. The definition of commitment is following through on what you say you will do and achieving what you want in spite of the challenges you face. After deciding about someone or something, there should no longer be any room for confusion or uncertainty. You are oriented, focused, and aware of your objective. Being committed not only grants you freedom but also a great deal of power.

You make the decision to do it.

Having commitment implies putting everything you have behind the things you have decided to do in order to make it happen; it’s like putting all of your eggs in one basket. It is having unwavering faith in the decision you’ve made and giving up on holding back or holding out in the hope that a better opportunity or person would present themselves. When you’ve made up your mind on anything, nothing can stop you.

5. Prepare mentally

Make sure you are mentally prepared Your frame of mind is the single most significant factor in determining whether or not we succeed. In order to triumph over our mental attitude, we need to educate ourselves on our own thought processes and consciously decide to alter them. To steer a different path for the ship, just like the captain of an ocean liner must first make the decision to do so before he or she may turn the ship’s captain’s wheel or focus their thoughts in the desired direction. Even though the rudder has been relocated, it will be quite some time before the enormous ship undergoes any discernible alterations in its outward appearance. This will likewise appear to be the case with our lives. The good news is that if we get back on track, the change we want will happen, and it will be just as difficult to reverse it as it was to make the change in the first place.

It has been claimed that the only difference between great people and regular people is the incredible amount of determination they possess. The quality of a person’s character that shows through most clearly is their perseverance. It only becomes clear when there is an obstacle to overcome. It takes a lot to get people to change their minds.

6. Get to it right now! 

According to what Jimmy, a teacher at one of my previous schools, used to say: “Great possibilities are usually hidden by hard labour, which is why the majority of people never perceive them. If you want something badly enough and are determined in your actions, you will always be able to get it if you keep at it. The action will begin right now rather than tomorrow. It’s possible that the way you get there or the actions you do will vary, but the destination or aim won’t. If you wait for all of the traffic lights to turn green before you begin your journey, much as when you are driving your automobile, you will never get on the road.

Keep in mind that being complacent is like to living in a mental cul-de-sac, where you are safe and secure but not growing! Pursue your goals and make this coming year the most memorable of your entire life.


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