How to build your resilience and confidence with stress testing

Embrace the challenge of the unexpected and build resilience

Every time you decide to do something big and/or new in your personal or professional life there will be challenges that will arise. These challenges test your personal leadership and help to build your character. There are at least two main ways to go into a challenge. The first is to have it thrust upon you by surprise and then deal with whatever shows up. This kind of “stress test” is a great way to see how you handle this type of struggle. It shows where you need to improve or modify how you respond at a core level. The second is much more controlled and less emotionally intense than the first. It is to conduct a self-imposed stress test in your personal or professional life.  

Stress testing prepares you for adversity and builds confidence

A self-imposed stress test is a great way to help you overcome some of the things that are holding you back form going to the next level in your business and life. It works like this. First you pick the type of situation that will trigger you in a specific area. Then start the process on a small scale. That way you can work through situation that show up. It’s like a make-believe situation that you put yourself through to see what it’s like. Yes, this seems crazy, but the benefits of this form of training and rehearsal are remarkable!

Set up your support team for your stress test

Our trip to Houston several years ago was one of those self-imposed stress tests. I wanted to find out what was holding me back in three areas of my life and over the prior three months had been stressed, messed, and triggered. I had worked through one main area and was waiting for the learning to settle or the emotional ‘smoke’ to clear. The other two areas had made some progress but had many more struggles to come. You see, by triggering the stress test myself I got the freedom to create supports and could manage the intensity and pace. Then I found solutions for areas that were holding me back. Since then, I have created a support team of family, friends and colleges that are me up at times; and at times encouraging me along the way. It’s brought me closer to those I care most about in my life. Most of all it’s helped me turn the page to a new chapter of future growth.

Testing yourself builds confidence and your resilience skills

There were times that felt exceedingly difficult as I stepped out and did something that was uncomfortable for me. There were times that I triggered and had strong emotions that I needed to step away and deal with to calm myself. Having the ability to step away during this mock or trial run made it easier to come back and start over. Doing it this way made the risk low. Had I just jumped into this endeavor I would have been facing all the internal struggle that I triggered in the test plus the financial and business commitments that went with it. In other words, the test allowed me to take a risk-free trial in my business and personal life. Now I understood how strong my resilience was.

Take the time to find out what holds you back in an area of life that you want more life out of, it won’t be all sunshine and warm weather but…you’ll never regret building your resilience capacity!


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