What prompts customers to cancel their appointments too soon?

What prompts customers to cancel their appointments too soon?

What does it take to be successful in the sales department of your company? The majority of people who work in sales or business find themselves in a situation in which they are trying to assist another individual by delivering a service or product, and ultimately, they will make a sale for those services. There are times when the sales process seems to be going in the wrong direction, and just as prospects are prepared to take the next step, they appear to take a different path. After then, they leave to use the services of another rival.

During this period of time in your company’s sales process, it feels as though nothing is working well. There is a growing fear as the availability of funds decreases. You have exhausted every possible option that you can think of at this point. However, it seems like your customers are going in the opposite direction. Even seasoned business and sales professionals are left wondering what on earth happened as a result of this.

What might possibly be causing a decline in revenue for my company?

This situation occurs quite frequently in the field of sales. It frequently occurs with salespeople or business owners who have excellent intentions, but they lose their concentration throughout the sales process and begin to focus on what they need rather than the needs of the client; this is because it is a very subtle problem. They can find themselves thinking about the money the sale will bring in, the commission they’ll make, or a quota they’ll hit as a result of making the sale. The term “commission breath” is used to describe to this type of distracted focus! At this point in the process of making a sale, the salesperson is sending the potential customer the incorrect unconscious signal, which causes the process to veer off course. Then, people can get the impression that you are more interested in the commission than in doing what is appropriate for them. As a result, they will no longer collaborate with you and will seek out opportunities to do so elsewhere.

Commission breath is the top ailment that stops sales 

As a coach who specializes in attitude, performance, and business, I have run into this situation quite a few times. It is possible that getting through this will be the most challenging thing.

When we talk to other people about what we can do to help them, the vast majority of the time, we start from the vantage point of what we require (usually money). Even the mere concept of what we require, even if it is not uttered, sends a subliminal mixed message to the client you are hoping to land.

Rarely will your potential customer notice that you are considering what they require as a solution to their problem. Instead, they have the impression that they cannot trust you because they sense that something about you is off. They have no idea why it is happening or what exactly is wrong with it. And if they don’t believe they can trust you, they won’t collaborate with you, which means there will be no sale. This is what we refer to as “taking a commission breath” in sales! When a salesperson is motivated by what they can obtain from you, they give off a putrid odor. This is the smell you should avoid at all costs.


Keep in mind that nobody wants to be SOLD, but everyone wants to BUY something!

How to maintain constant sales success

The most effective measure you can take to avoid engaging in commission breath is to schedule a period during each day when you will pause, focus your attention, and prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead. Maintain your concentration on assisting each prospect in acquiring the information they require to make an informed choice. Assist the customer through the various stages of the purchasing process. Avoid acting in a pushy or salesy manner at all costs. Keeping the appropriate frame of mind will communicate to the client that they may put their trust in you to provide the recommendation that is best for them.


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