What does a mindset coach do?

Although mindset coaching has been around for many years, it is just recently that it has become accepted by mainstream population. Although this movement started after the second world war as a style of therapy to help people recover from the shock of the war years, it quickly evolved into a main focal point of positive mental thinking from experts and motivational speakers such a Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Og Mandino, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Denis Whatley, Jack Canfield, T.D. Jakes, and Brene Brown. Each of the leaders of this era have a good understand that the way we think affects what our life produces. As well as a good understanding of the way the unconscious minds works, some have developed processes or taken training to help people with their internal thinking patterns. That’s were a mindset coach stands above a motivational speaker. 

A mindset coach focuses on the clients’ existing beliefs and patterns of thinking at a deep level. For them, it’s not just a theory they talk about or tell a motivational story to an audience to inspire them, it’s a deeper look at how your thoughts are bound together to develop a working road map that describes what you think. A good mindset coach works to help clients recognize, question, and revise persistent patterns of thought. They have process that help to uncover the way your thoughts are bound together, which ones serve you or which ones don’t, and how misplaced thought are derailing your life.

Once you and your mindset coach have worked out how your thinking working, your mindset coach will have the specialized skills to help make the changes you need to make. That’s the important part; the reprograming of your thinking patterns requires a proficiency and cannot be left to those without high-level training.

Why having a trained mindset coach is important

Let me give you an example of why expertise is needed to do these transformations.

Several years ago we had a business owner come to us with a problem – they were unable to get their focus to do any planning in their business. After discussing it with them it was apparent that this was a newer problem and at one point in the recent past, they didn’t have any problems at all. That was why it was so difficult for them to understand. I then asked a series of questions to narrow down the date to a month an 18 months prior. I asked, “what did you do that was significant as the time?” After looking through their calendar we discovered what happened. 

Apparently, my client had attended a weekend group session with a famous positive guru. During the weekend there were times that the audience was taken though an exercise to uncover their personal past in a hopes of finding some of the beliefs that may be holding them back. Although this sort of thing seemed harmless and with good intent, it affected the way my client kicked into planning for the future and caused them to stall. Then using the skill that a trained mindset coach would have, we were able to change his thinking and they were back to normal, activated, and ready to get back to work. The unfortunate side of this story is that during the year and a half of not being able to active properly, their business had dropped significantly by approximately 30%. Once correctly they were able to regain lost momentum quickly.

What does a mindset coach do

Now that we’ve covered why having a professional mindset coach with experience and training is important, let us explain how we work with our clients.

Here are the simple steps we use to help in your transformation:


This is important starting step that affects every part of your transformation. It dictates how we work with, what processes we use and when. You probably have an idea of what you think is the problem and that’s where we start. Most likely you feel that something is not right, but you don’t know why; however, you may have clues. possibly you’ve seen a pattern that has happened over and over again, or you’ve determined that there are telltale signs that some negative things will start to happen again. No matter what you’re aware of, we’ll investigate what is happening now, how you got here, and what you’re going through. It’s important that we uncover what’s really happening because several things could be happening at the same time. Our training as a mindset coach will help to understand what is really happening. This is step is totally missed in a large group session or with inexperienced or untrained coaches.

After this discovery phase, you’ll have extreme clarity around what is REALLY going on.

Mapping Your Performance Program

Now that we have a good understanding of the history of your journey, how your thoughts are triggered and what type of results they produce, your coach will use some specific exercises and processes to uncover what your internal performance program is and how it’s connected to all of your other personal programs. At times we may even draw it out on paper of white board which really helps to make complex interactions simpler to understand. This step is important. 

All of your programs have the possibility of being interconnected. If we change one program without consideration of the others, it could have negative effects. That’s why this process is done in a safe individual setting with one of our trained coaches. This is what happened in the example I spoke of earlier – my client had thoughts that crossed over and caused them to stall. Your unconscious mind has a different set of logic it uses that most of us don’t understand. And those are the rules we follow to map your thinking patterns out.

Rework Your Internal Program(s)

Once we know how your thoughts are interconnected, we can have a discussion on how you would like to change them and what will be more powerful for you going forward in your life. Once you are satisfied with the new potential thinking program pattern, your mindset coach will recommend a process to make the changes. Some processes will be implemented over time, allowing for adjusting and tweaking along the way. Others will happen over a few sessions to give faster results. Each step in this custom coaching process will be chosen to give you the best possible results and then monitored to ensure that you’re having the results you want.

Activate and Test

With your new thinking program installed and activated, it’s now time to see it at work. We’ll check in with you regularly to see how you’re progressing, making small adjustments as required.

Then, with these changes working well, we’ll have you move forward to the next peak when you may need to adjust your thinking again. We’ll also begin teaching you how to keep your internal program from being hijacked or tampered with by mistake. With this form of mindset coaching you will change your mind for the better quickly and effectively. The best and most important part is the results stay with you. 

We encourage you to thoroughly check the background, training, and experience of any coach you may be interviewing to help you. This is not a time to only rely only on a personal connection with your coach to help you through these important changes. Having a connection is always nice to feel that you enjoy working with someone. However, when it comes to moving forward, you need to be able to like and trust that your coach has the ability to help you. If you have any further question about the types of transformation, we help our clients with please use our contact page to set up a chat to get the answers you need.


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