What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching has been defined as the process by which you encourage someone to become the best version of themselves. From our perspective, this is not enough. The Rich Grof Performance coaching program is designed to specifically deal with anything that gets in the way of you performing at your best, whether that is a personal situation, work conditions, health, or motivation. We’ve spent 20 years fine-tuning what it takes to help everyone we coach to perform their best. For us, personal best really means something. For our clients that could mean,

  • Breaking through a performance barrier that had them stuck
  • Increase their income dramatically
  • Increase their overall wellness, mind, body, and soul
  • Giving them control of their valuable time to spend with those they love  
  • A sense of winning and overcoming.

We have learned the factors that affect your personal performance and understand that everyone has a unique set of actions that help them achieve or perform at their best. We refer to this as your personal performance program. We learned this by working with thousands of business owners, salespeople, and professionals who were in charge of making their own income. We knew what worked because it would quickly increase their income and quality of life. That’s why coaches who specialize in this are sometimes called high-performance coaches – it’s about making changes that improve things for our clients. 

So when it comes to performance, like an Olympic athlete there are things that must be considered for you to perform like a superstar athlete.

Some of these factors include:

  • Your personality type because it’s more fun to honor how you interact with others and stay true to your personality traits. 
  • Your energy style, there are four types to consider. If you don’t you could burn out.
  • Your energy management capabilities – energy is the commodity for success. we help you to understand how to use it effectively.
  • Your health – your body is the vehicle that gets you where you need to be. Taking care of it gives you the energy to create the success you want.
  • Your mental conditioning includes your resilience and drive.
  • Your mental internal success programming -Check out our information on Mindset coaching.
  • Your motivational combination – knowing how to stay motivated is important.
  • The way you activate to get things accomplished.

How does Performance Coaching work?

At first, your performance coach will usually do a discovery discussion to see what you are experiencing. They will need to know your relative history, where you want to go, and what seems to be holding you back at this time. Then our process includes something that most coaches overlook. We like to take several simple tasks and see how you work to get them accomplished. This gives us valuable information on how you activate and try to move forward. With this information, we can start to see the unique factors that are affecting you and preventing you from moving to the next level of your success. Some of this may be very practical, such as using systems, planning, visioning, planning, or even self-management skills. 

We’ll also review your motivational style and what things may be distracting your focus. By the time we’ve gone through all of this information, we are beginning to develop a performance profile on you that can be used to maximize your performance. This is the same process we have used to help many of our clients achieve their personal best. Even if they are already at the top of their industry there is room to grow.

Here’s a simple story on how this works

I remember having an initial call with a high-powered salesperson years ago. He was at the top of his profession and his income and achievements showed it. After I asked several questions, it became apparent that he knew his craft and there was little I could help him improve. I then asked what he would like help with. His reply was one that I’ve seen many times over the years since. He was a high performer and would work continually every day without any breaks. He said that twice a year he would ‘crash,” sometimes needing a few weeks off, other times he would end up in the hospital to recover.

When we started working together, I first looked at his pattern. I knew it was a 6-month pattern that ended in a recovery of some sort. I also knew he was about halfway through a patterned cycle. From there we set the goal to reduce the effect of the upcoming burnout before his normal crash. With some focus, we were able to learn about his crash cycle enough to reduce it to a planned rest period. His downtime was much shorter than ever before, and it was more enjoyable too. The success was that he didn’t crash this time and started to learn how to rest frequently rather than working to exhaustion. This is a great example of how our strategy can be used for many different situations.

The benefits of our approach

This may all sound great, but you may want to know the best parts! We understand that each person will have different goals for their coaching. Because of that, we have designed our coaching program to give you the flexibility you need when you need it. 

Some of the things we can provide are:

  • Our process is adaptable to your specific situation and the pace you need. There is no one size fits in custom coaching. Even our group work is based in principles and skills that help you discover the formula for your personal success.
  • You’ll get the right coach at the right time. We have several coaches with different specialties that you can work with at different times to get what you need. That way you’re working with a highly skilled coach at all times – no matter what your focus is.
  • We have extensive experience working with all types of professionals, business owners, and salespeople.

Business owners, salespeople, and other high-performing professionals are aware that there are a set of unique conditions that require them to be more focused, self-controlled, and alert to deal with the different balls they may need to juggle in a day. Even more than that, the current economic conditions are changing rapidly requiring them to assess new information and creatively jump to overcome a mountain of never-ending challenges. These conditions require support, which is where a strong performance coach can be your secret weapon to staying on top of things. 


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